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In our menu Japaneese classics meet Mediterranean and Middle East cuisines. The atmosphere suits business lunch with your partners as well as a family dinner.

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Villa Sumosan is a gastronomy embasy of Japan


Villa Sumosan offers a very interesting and unusual experience. But be sure to reserve a table in advance - I feel the place will be very popular next year

Mikhail Costin, gastronomic critic

To a sophisticated Asia that is mandatory for all restaurants in this network a Mediterranean cuisine is added, a tricky one as well. The very basic tomatoes and mozarella is turned into Tartarus with jerked and fresh tomatoes with rich and deep taste lying in a dish with a cheese sauce. Very good!

Ivan Glushkov, gastronomic columnist GQ

All sushis are perfect. Even with tuna, that's an unthinkable thing for Moscow.

Mikhail Lopatin, founder of the project INSIDER.MOSCOW

Villa Sumosan is a good place for everyday visit: you'll never get bored with thir cuisine and the place is right for walking your favourite dresses and shoes

Vladimir Gridin, gastronomic critic

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